A Leading Mfg based Company of Customize Brass Component Solution.


Manufactured objects can be supplied after undergoing machining operations, Single spindle automatic bar turning machines, lathes, and second operation like milling, drilling & threading. Galvanized or coated surface treatments are also available.


The expertise that we have developed with over 20+ years of experience in an engineering industry is the basis of a successful family-run business that is now in its fourth generation.We have created a team which is fast and reliable in product development.


Customer satisfaction and quality have always been our most important objectives. It is our aim to live this quality system and we will not stop developing and improving our processes and products.Our quality and inspection department is fully stocked with up to date inspection equipments.

Why Choose Us ?

Quality Commitment

Nainish Brass believes in nothing but, quality with commitment

Unique Expertise

Unique expertise in brass manufacturing and quality control

Classic Blend

Nainish Brass is a classic blend of ethics and morals with spirituality

Global Brand

We serve worldwide easily and fast

Customer Oriented Approach

Nainish Brass places customer satisfaction at the core of each of its business decisions

Group of Expertise

Alone we can do so little but together we can do so much and divine is a group of expertise

On Time Delivery

Dedicated order fulfillment to ensure on time delivery


Comprehensive advanced products quality planning


Our experienced team makes difficult tasks easy and fast

Our Products Range